Evelyn Benett-Stanford

Photographic transparency showing a framed portrait painting of Evelyn Benett-Stanford made by J. M. Heaton in 1911. Mrs Benett-Stanford is sitting in a garden wearing a black hat and a monocle. Evelyn Helme married John Montagu Benett-Stanford in 1893, and was a strongminded as unconventional as her husband. She sported a monocle for most of her life, shot big game in Africa and took part in car rallies on the seafront in Brighton. During the First World War she converted the stables and garage at Hatch House, Tisbury, Wiltshire into a workshop for the manufacturing of airplane gauges which employed 5 women and 1 boy throughout the war.

Evelyn Benett-Stanford

Reference number: PMPHO000575

Collection: Local History and Archaeology


Heritage Learning: World War I