Royal Pavilion

Pavilion Tales

Music Room, Royal Pavilion
Music Room, Royal Pavilion

Join us in the magnificent Music Room for secrets, stories and unexpected histories in these regular pop-up talks by Royal Pavilion & Museums staff.

12 January – Majestic Melodies and Dandy Ditties: the Music of the Royal Pavilion

Emily Hall will conduct you through a history of the music that was played at the Royal Pavilion and the instruments it was played on under George’s tenure

 19 January – Royal Pavilion Closed Week

Due to the Royal Pavilion’s annual closed week, there will be no Pavilion Tale on this day. We will be busy making sure the inside of the building looks its sumptuous best.

 26 January – A Tour of George’s Secret Palace

Join Holly and Nick for a tour of some of the Pavilion’s ‘hidden’ doors and discover the secrets hiding behind them


Free with Royal Pavilion Admission