Preston Manor

Ghosts, the Victorians and Us

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A talk and tour about why Preston Manor has the enduring reputation for being haunted.

The event begins with a showing of the film-noir short Dido’s Lament: Victorian Rituals of Death and Mourning. This hauntingly beautiful black and white film noir, looks at the superstitions and rituals associated with death and mourning and was filmed in Woodvale Cemetery, Preston Manor, and Shoreham by DeadGood films

The film is followed by a sit-down talk with Preston Manor experts Paula Wrightson and Sarah Tobias. Using original documents from the Manor archives they will explain the origins of the Manor ghost story from the experiences of people who lived at Preston Manor when it was private house.

There is also the chance to discuss Victorian belief and the popularity of Spiritualism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Finally visitors can join a house tour to examine the haunted rooms and hear first-hand accounts of sightings and experiences in the rooms where they happened.

Preston Manor is currently closed to the public so event attendees have exclusive access to the house.

Dido’s Lament credits:
Written and produced by Valentina Lari and Sarah Tobias.
Directed by award-winning Valentina Lari. Music composed by Glynne Cicada,

Screened May 2014 Corti Quatra Edizione Sicily Short Film Festival
December 2014 Cinecity 12th Film Festival Komedia Cinema, Brighton


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