The Pavilion Garden

Dr Blighty

Dr Blighty is a free immersive installation (part of the Brighton Festival) featuring soundscapes, theatrical experiences and projections on the Royal Pavilion. The event takes place between 2-10.30pm until Sat 28 May in the Royal Pavilion Garden. Tickets for concert events are available on the Brighton Festival website

Dr BlightyMore than a million men travelled from India to fight for the Allies during World War One. Between 1914 and 1916, over 2000 Indian soldiers wounded on the Western Front were brought to a temporary hospital housed in the Royal Pavilion, Dome and Corn Exchange. In a major new collaboration with Nutkhut for Brighton Festival, this story is movingly brought back to life through a dreamlike environment of immersive installations, ambient soundscapes, theatrical and musical interludes, and enthralling video projections onto the Royal Pavilion.

The Projection is a 10 minute looped presentation as part of these events taking place between 9.30pm – 10.20pm until Sat 28 May. Please note that space may be limited on the East Lawn of the Royal Pavilion Garden.

  • Wheel Chair access to the projections is from the William IV Gate at the bottom of Church Street. Stewards will be able to advise the best route to take into the projection area.
  • The Royal Pavilion Garden is a mixture of grass and hard pathways. If you have any access requirements please e-mail us at
  • Please note that the projections are on a repeated loop, this means you do not have to be there at 9.30pm or stay until the ending time. There will be a minimum of three loops until 10.20pm, we request that you exit during the break after a full loop to allow other guests to be able to come into the space.
  • Please note that this is a heritage garden site, there is no alcohol or glass allowed in the garden.

See Dr Blighty web page for more details.



Free, Drop in (Part of Brighton Festival) Tickets for concert events can be obtained on the Brighton Festival website