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Photograph of collared urn mounted on card with caption urn found in 1909 at the Tye Telscombe


1909 This medal, designed by Emil Fuchs, was struck in 1909 to celebrate the three hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the Hudson River and the centenary of steam navigation on the river.


Early Twentieth Century This brooch shows an elderly Queen Victoria and was made after her death as it is made of Bakelite which was invented by Leo Hendrik Baekeland in 1909.


A wooden xylophone with 15 wooden rungs and an attached curved handle. It has 15 gourd fruits underneath and comes with two wooden beaters. It is known as a Behlanjeh, a musical instrument and was obtained by the donor in Jan, 1909, from Chief Alimamy Bom

The Original Highwaymen. 5th Summer Season 1909. BVC

1909 Photographic print of The Original Highwaymen entertainment troupe, featuring Jack Sheppard. They performed at Brighton seafront and are in front of the bandstand on Madeira Drive.


1909 Postcard of theHigwaymen entertainment troupe featuring Jack Sheppard, dressed as highwaymen. They are posed on the lawns along Madeira Drive, Brighton (seafront).

The Aquarium, Brighton

c1909 Colour photomechanical postcard showing the Aquarium, Brighton. Reverse of card has a handwritten message.' I got my ticket alright last night ...' With stamp postmarked 9.15pm March 15 1909.

Theatre Royal Football Team 1909, Brighton

1909 This photographic postcard shows the Theatre Royal football team of 1909, Brighton. The image is a group portrait of the team. Some of the sitters are in football kit. The man in the second row on the right of photograph has an 'X' inscribed in ink above


1890 This plain white bone china bowl has been moulded in the form of a cabbage leaf. On the base are a printed Copelands China mark and a registration number which dates the piece to 1894 or 1895. Registration numbers of this kind were used between 1884 and 1

Greetings from Brighton

1909 Sepia postcard entitled 'Greetings from Brighton' depicted are two women holding up a lifebelt with a superimposed photograph of the beach and Palace Pier. On reverse message ' To Eva from Ren. August 15 1909'