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Doll of King George V

Information from box lid: 'King George V - Field Marshall uniform, English'. Marked on right foot - handmade authentic uniform with medals etc. Glass blue eyes. Inserted eyelashes and fingernails. Modelled to 'life'.

Model Male Figures

1904-1940 These four soldiers are made of hollow-cast lead and are hand painted. They represent Russian Infantry. They were made by Britains in England in the early 20th century.

Board Game

Wooden board game carved in the shape of a shallow boat with a head and neck at each end. There are twelve cup shaped depressions in the top and a triangular depression at each end. It sits on a hollow cone shaped pedestal. Purchased by Brighton Museum &

Model Tool Box and Tools

Mid 19th Century This toolbox is made of wood and metal. The wooden box contains eight miniature tools including a mallet, corkscrew and a screwdriver. Handwritten ink on the box lid reads ?1846 Toolbox ELD from CLD?. It was made by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who is more f

Model Kitchen Set

19th Century This model kitchen set is made of metal, wood, clay and cloth. It includes two bisque dolls wearing striped dresses and aprons, a kitchen range, two chairs, a table and various pots and pans and cups and saucers. It was made in the nineteenth century.


Warri gaming board. It would originally have had carved end pieces to accompany the board. It is a shallow boat shape on a square stand with 12 cup shaped holes and incised decoration. Purchased by Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in 1960.


Boat-shaped gaming board known as a 'Warre'. It stands on a pedastal and has twelve basin shaped holes on the top. The board is used for playing the national game of Warri, a board game similar to checkers and chess in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Donated t

Board Game

A wooden draught board and figures from Sierra Leone. The board consists of an oblong slab of wood with a fan shaped handle. It has incised lines dividing the top into squares. Thirty-six wooden draughts, accompany the board.

Barbara and Fitz 1975-1994

1975-1994 This painting in mixed media on wood is a portrait of Barbara Hulanicki and Stephen Fitz-Simon, the couple who created and developed the Biba fashion stores in the 1960s and 1970s. The artist Chris Price was married to Delisia Howard (a buyer and model at

Library Card

1783-1796 This is a library card for 'Wilkes's Circulating Library, Marine Parade, Brighton.' At the top of the card is the heraldic badge for the Prince of Wales, the three feathers, coronet and the motto 'Ich Dien', German for 'I Serve'. As detailed on the card t

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