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This game set has a handwritten note inside which claims it as a gift from Queen Adelaide to a lady in waiting. The rectangular woven cane tray has a loose lid and four lift out compartments. It houses 20 balsa discs and 50 mother of pearl decorated strip


A carved wooden windmill money box with a turning sail. It has a key hole on the front to access the money storage inside. This photographic image was used as part of an A-Z of toys chosen from among the toy collection. The photographic A-Z is on display

Model Field Hospital

Mid 20th Century This model military field hospital is made of composition, tin and canvas. It depicts a field hospital in World War One. It was made by Elastolin in Germany in the mid twentieth century.

The Comical Clown

Early 20th Century This mechanical clown is wearing a yellow smock and red trousers and sits on a two-wheeled cart pulled by a grey donkey. When the clockwork mechanism is wound up the cart rolls back and forth and the donkey bucks. It is made of textile, painted tin plate,

Model Aeroplane

1950s This bomber is made of die cast metal. It depicts a German World War Two aircraft. It has a three bladed propeller and the cockpit has two seats covers in clear plastic. The underside of the wing is marked: Junkers JU 87 B. It was made by Dinky Toys in En

Mechanical Vehicle

Early Twentieth Century This World War One motor ambulance is brown with a red cross in a white circle on each side. The open cab has a driver in uniform and a nurse. It has a clockwork mechanism with a fixed key in the right side. It is made of metal and lithographed tin plate.

Matchbox Series Superfast Tram 3

This tram is red and has no windscreens. It has 'News of the World' advertisements on each side as well as an advertisement reading 'Buy Lesney Toys'. It also has a sign printed in yellow that reads 'London Trasnport'. On the front and rear of the tram th


19th Century This figure group is made of painted lead. It depicts five figures riding a blue open top carriage pulled by two light brown horses. The driver is wearing a dark brown suit and a top hat. In the back of the carriage are two couples. One male figure is sta


19th Century This figure group is made of painted lead. It depicts two men and a boy. The boy is wearing a brown suit and a black cap. One man is wearing a black coat and shorts with a brown hat. The other man is facing away from the other two figures. He is wearing a


19th Century This figure group is made of painted lead. It depicts a smartly dressed couple linking arms. The female is wearing a pink skirt and hat with a black over coat and is holding a parasol. The male is wearing a light grey suit with a black top hat and is hold

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