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The Journal of the Society for Education in Film and Television

1969 This Journal of the Society for Education in Film and Television was published in 1969. It contains the article, 'William Friese-Greene and the Origins of Kinematography: Part Two'.

Williamson 'Step by Step' 35mm Printer

c1898 This 'Step by Step' 35mm printer is made out of metal and mounted on wood. It was made by the film pioneer James Williamson.

Warwick Bioscope Projector

c1900 This Warwick Bioscope Projector is made of metal. It used a beater movement to project film and was made by the Prestwick Company in London. The Warwick Bioscope is also known as the Urban Bioscope.


c.1995 This invitation is for John Barnes and guest for 'Who Invented Cinema?' at the British Film Institute. The event is dated 26 October 1995.

Toy House

This wooden painted house is from a toy town play set.

Pelham St C.Sch: Babies & toys

This magic lantern slide shows a group of very young schoolchildren in a classroom at the Pelham Street Infant School. They are playing with toys, including dollhouses, a train set, farm animal models and a rocking horse. The slide was probably produced b

Royal Visit to Pavilion

This photographic print shows Queen Mary during a visit to the Royal Pavilion in August 1915. At that time, the entire Pavilion estate had been converted into a military hospital for Indian troops who had been wounded on the Western Front. This image is p


1980s This AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) is made of grey plastic. The toy is based on the model featured in the 1980 film Empire Strikes Back. It was produced by Kenner in the early 1980s.

Part of a Fair Ground Game

This piece of wood forms part of a fair ground ride. It is square and painted yellow with a quarter section of a circle divided into numbered segments. There are many small puncture marks on the board in this dart board section.

Mechanical Vehicle

This mechanical two seater car has an orange coloured tin body with a gold and black radiator. The car has a gold decoration on the mud guards and foot plate. The steering wheel is red and the seats are blue. The number plate reads "A-1620".

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