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Picture Card

20th Century This colour picture card is entitled, 'The Movie Camera 1889' and is from the Inventors and Inventions Series, No. 39. It was issued by Brooke Bond Tea and a piece of text about William Friese-Greene and his influence on film appears on the reverse.

WW Stool

This stool, "WW", was designed by Philippe Starck in 1991. This example was made in 1998 by Vitra AG. The stool, in pale green powder-coated aluminium, has a tilted saddle-like seat with pommel hand hold. One of the legs has a spur for a foot rest. The st

Kinemacolor Scala

1914 This advertisment from the Daily Telegraph newspaper is for 'Kinemacolor' at the Scala Theatre. It is dated 8th October 1914. Kinemacolor was developed by George Albert Smith and was the first colour film technique that was commercially viable.

Mr Martin Harvey in The Corsican Brothers

Early 20th Century This black and white photographic postcard shows the superimposed ghost of a murdered man. It is entitled, 'Mr Martin Harvey in "The Corsican Brother"'. The scene is reminiscent of George Albert Smith's 1898 film 'Photographing a Ghost'.


Early 20th Century This colour postcard shows a couple in an embrace on a train. The front of the postcard reads, 'Do you know, that tunnel we've just come through cost thirty thousand pounds to build?' 'Well, I'm positive it's worth it!'. The scene is reminiscent of George

With the Fighting Forces of Europe

Early 20th Century This colour postcard is advertising Kinemacolor and is entitled, 'With the Fighting Forces of Europe'. It is promoting an event hosted by J. C Williamson. Kinemacolor was developed by George Albert Smith and was the first colour film technique that was co

Photographic Print

1929 Monochrome photographic print showing an unidentified street corner in Brighton. Shows side of a building covered in film posters and other advertisements. One large sign advertises a showing of 'This is Heaven' at the Palladium.

Photographic Print

Monochrome photographic print of the front facade of the Regent Cinema, and Dance Hall, North Street, Brighton looking south west. John Garrick & Jeanette McDonald in the film the 'Lottery Bridge'

Queues outside Regent Cinema

Monochrome photographic print of people queuing outside the Regent Cinema, Brighton. Above the entrance the restaurant can be seen. A banner advertises that Tyrone Power is appearing in the film Seven Waves Away. At this time, there was ballroom dancing w

The Frog

This is a wooden game, known as 'The "Frog" or '"Toad" game', which is a wooden stand that has rows of circular holes in the top surface of the stand. Seven of the holes have metal obstacles over them to make the holes harder to access and in the centre,

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