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1900-1910 This bronze and partly gilt vase is modelled with the head of a young woman. It was designed by P.F. Berthoud and cast by Louchet around 1900.


c1900 This pewter bowl, made around 1900, is moulded with sprays of flowers and a fish. It was made by J.P. Kayser, who traded under the name Kayserzinn.


c1900 This earthenware jardiniere, designed by Clement Massier, around 1900 is modelled with bat-wing handles and decorated in lustre glazes with views of the Mediterranean coastline.

Figure Group

c1900 This figure group shows two women dancing. It is made from porcelain, decorated with coloured slips. The maker of the piece is unknown but it dates from around 1900.


20th Century This black and white copy print shows George Albert Smith at his desk in the Science Museum. He is pictured with film measurer and Urban Bioscope camera. The original photograph was taken in 1900.

In the Tunnel

Early 20th Century This colour postcard shows a couple kissing on a train. It is entitled 'In the Tunnel'. The scene is reminiscient of George Albert Smith's 1900 film 'Kiss in the Tunnel'.

Youthful Impudence

Early 20th Century This black and white postcard shows a couple kissing on a train and a jeering boy. It is entitled, 'Youthful Impudence'. The scene is reminiscent of George Albert Smith's 1900 film 'Kiss in the Tunnel'.

Tailor's Hat Measure

c1900-1930 This metal and stainless steel hat measurer was used by staff at Leeson and Vokins clothing store, located in North Street, Brighton. The hat measurer was made by Reslaw between 1900 and 1930.

La Foret Lorraine

c1900 This desk, "La Foret Lorraine", was designed by Emile Galle in 1900, and made in his own workshops. It is made from oak, inlaid with fruitwood marquetry and has bronze fittings. A version of this desk, one of Galle's meubles parlantes, (speaking furniture

Tossing The Heathen Chinee

c1900 This mechanical toy depicts four Chinese men tossing a fifth man in a blanket. The men are wearing red jackets and hats and have white trousers. The toy works by a clockwork mechanism and there is a lever to control the height of the toss. The toy refers

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