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Brighton Illustrated

Cover for 'Brighton Illustrated with Views of its Principal Churches, Chapels, Public Buildings, and other objects of General Interest; also Portraits of Local Characters'

Broad Nonconformity

The 'Brightonian' Cartoon No. 91. A man, possibly a cleric standing next to a table. Saturday, Dec. 8th, 1883

People's Park

The Brightonian Cartoon No.21. A man standing with his arms folded. Possibly the Park's Superintendent.

Nonconformity & Liberalism

The 'Brightonian' cartoon No.26. A long haired, heavily bearded man stands, holding a book in one hand and leaning on a chair with the other.

Photographic Print

October 1887 This photographic print is a copy of an original photograph. It shows the inventor Magnus Volk seated on an electric dog cart. Volk, wearing a top hat, is accompanied by his sister in law Deborah, and his son Bert on the back. The photograph was taken out

Police Truncheon

1859 This is a black painted wooden truncheon from Hove Police Force, made in 1859. The truncheon is decorated with a painted royal crown, the initials 'VR' for Queen Victoria and 'Hove Police Force Service'. The truncheon was used by Jesse Burchell.

George Stonhouse Griffith

Full length profile of a man wearing a top hat, high collar and tie, waistcoat and coat. He holds a pair of white gloves in his hand. Mr G.S. Griffith, a much respected business man and owner of The Rock Brewery in Brighton was murdered by persons unknown

Photographic Print

1878 Monochrome carte de visite portrait of Eneis, daughter of Bernard de la Grave. Eneis is posing in a little red riding hood outfit. Photograph produced by the studio of Monsieur A Boucher in Ship Street, Brighton.

Photographic Print

Portrait of the Boucher family. Nine family members are seated and standing in the garden of their Brighton home, 3 Clifton Terrace. Photograph produced by the studio of Monsieur A Boucher in Ship Street, Brighton.

Photographic Print

c1864 This photographic print is a {g:Carte de visite}carte de visite{/g}. It shows a man standing by a chair in a photographer's studio. A top hat is perched on the chair. The photograph was taken at Charles Sand's studio in St James's Street, Brighton.

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