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George White

Caricature sketch of a man with a beard and sideburns wearing a top hat. Written on the back: George White.

Mr Joseph Hemmings

Caricature sketch of a man with sideburns and beard in a top hat and spectacles. Written on the back; Mr Joseph Hemmings.

Inspector Owen Crowhurst

Caricature sketch of a man with sideburns in a top hat. Written on the back: Inspector Owen Crowhurst.

Mr Alfred Moppett of Hanningtons

Caricature sketch of a bearded man in a top hat with a cigarette in his mouth. Written on the back: Mr Alfred Moppett (of Hanningtons).


This print entitled School features a rows of school children walking on the seafront. Soliders walk in file in the background.


Print of man in top hat selling portrait prints from an opened umbrella. Small boy wearing cap, with parcel under arm, views prints.

Reverend George Willett

Portrait of a balding man dressed in clerical dress standing in front of an altar with a book open in front of him.

Unknown Cleric

Portrait of an unknown man wearing clerical vestments; he is holding a prayerbook with a cross on it.

Gavin E. Pocock

Head and shoulders portrait of an older man with white hair, he wears a collar, black tie and coat.

Sketch at Brighton

1859 Two ladies, one with a parasol, sitting on the seafront overlooking the beach below. From the Illustrated Times 17th September 1859.

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