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1870-1900 This is a paper programme listing the daily timetable of events occurring at Brighton Aquarium, commencing from Boxing Day. The programme dates from the late 1800's.

Photographic Print

c1900 This photographic print is a copy of an original print. It shows the West Pier, Brighton, looking south. The entrance to the pier is visible, with numerous people in front of it. Two horse drawn carriages can also be seen in the foreground.

Photographic print

c1900 B&W photographic print showing an organ grinder and a monkey. There is a group of children watching him. It is probably Church Road, Hove with George St. on the left and Hove Town Hall in the distance.


c1900 Photographic image of a man in front of Brunswick Terrace with three donkeys.

Photographic Print

c1900 This postcard shows the interior of Brighton railway station. it is a view across the station concourse towards a platform maked as 'Main Coast & East Coast Lines'.

Photographic Print

1890s This photographic print shows the Grand Hotel, Brighton. It is a copy of an original photograph. The entrance to the hotel is clearly visible, and is a view north from the King's Road. Several horse drawn carriages can be seen in the foreground.

Photographic Print

1870s This photographic print shows Brighton Aquarium. It is an elevated view looking east, presumably from Royal Albion Hotel. The Chain Pier can be seen on the right hand side of the picture.


c1900 This postcard shows the front entrance of Brighton railway station, looking north from Queen's Road. A horse drawn cart and numerous people can be seen.

Photographic Print

c1900 B&W photographic print copy of an original photographic print. Shows the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton. View south from Old Steine.

Photographic Print

c1898 This photographic print shows the Volk's Electric Railway track, Brighton. It is a view west looking along the track. The Palace Pier can be seen in the background, in the course of construction.

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