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Gorilla Skull

19th Century This is a gorilla skull with teeth and an additional bone inserted through an opening in the skull. This bone has been attached to the skull with plant fibre. The skulls is recorded as having been collected in a forested region of Africa. It may have been


Late 19th Century This is a bottle designed to store oil. It has a flat, circular body with five circular perforations and a long, thin neck with an expanded rim. The bottle is made of softened animal hide which has been hammered over a clay mould. Decorative designs of pa


pre 1925 A necklace formed of 8 pieces of whale bone attached to a fibre band. This fibre band is almost covered by strings of plaited human hair. The four pendants are thought to be symbolic and represent the male and female sexual organs. This necklace was made


19th Century This is a large ivory armlet. The armlet is stained yellow and is rectangular in shape. It is decorated on its outer surfaces with numerous white metal studs. These studs are inlaid into a design formed of triple horizontal and single vertical lines. This

Bagh Nakh; Wagnak

19th Century This is a steel dagger modelled on the shape of a tiger's claws. The handle has seven sharp claw-like knives rivetted to one side and two steel rings for the fingers to pass through on the other. The dagger was made in India, probably in the 19th century.


53 to 57 Frederick Street, Brighton. Front Elevations looking South East. Shop is called Robert's Tailors. Hanging sign says , Robert's Tailors, Alterations. Number 54 has painted on it, 'Roberts, Ladies Tailor.' 55 has painted on it 'Roberts Gent's Tailo


36 & 37 Frederick Street & Corner Shop Gloucester Street. Looking South East. Taken by Borough Surveyors Department. Neg no: 66/118/A Sign above shops, 'We Buy Books at 42 Trafalgar Street.' Shop is called Corner of Treas(ure?) Shop at 36 called Gibbard S


1812 This biscuit glazed earthenware model depicts a hand writing with a pen. Inscribed on the base is: Designed for Circus Street School. It is part of the Domestic Incidents theme in the Willett Collection of Popular Pottery.

View of Brighton with the Chain Pier

Brighton beach after the painting by Constable (Reynolds 27.1); fishermen working around their boats to left and buildings extending along the shore beyond; rough sea to right with the Chain Pier in the distance and two ladies walking near the edge of the

The Chain Pier, Brighton.

View looking east with the rear of the Albion Hotel on the left and Marine Parade on the far left. A man and a woman on horse back ride towards Marine Parade in the centre foreground. on the left a girl in a goatcart. Many people walking along the promena

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