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Improvised Toys for Nurseries and Refugee Camps

1940s This orange booklet has an image of a toy engine and dog on the front cover. The title is printed in balck and reads 'Improvised Toys for Nurseries and Refugee Camps'. It was produced by University of London Press Ltd in the 1940s.

Model Vehicle

1920s This Fire Engine is made of painted metal. It has an extendable ladder and a lever to raise and lower it. It has four wheels with white rubber tyres. The body is red with grey ladders and a black seat. It was made by Kingsbury Toys in the 1920s.

Teddy Bear

Mid 20th Century This bear is made of mohair plush and has orange and black plastic eyes. It has light brown fur and is wearing a brown knitted suit. It was made by Chiltern Toys in the mid twentieth century.

Mega Bloks Castle

These castle playing bricks are from the Mega Bloks range of construction toys.

Toy Tree

This wooden painted tree is from a toy town play set.

Toy Tree

This wooden painted tree is from a toy town play set.

Williamson 35mm Film Rewinder and Measurer

c1912 This film rewinder consists of two spindles mounted on a wooden base. One spindle had a handle and back plate. Between the spindles is a sprocketed film length counter. It was made by Williamson Kinematograph Ltd.

Darling 35mm 'Step by Step' Film Printer

c1910 This 35mm 'Step by Step' Film Printer is made of metal and is mounted on a wooden board. It was made by the film pioneer Alfred Darling.

Toy House

This wooden painted house is from a toy town play set.

Playing Cards

1930s These playing cards are made of card and ink. They depict scenes from the film ?The Wizard of Oz?. The reverse side of the cards has a blue and white art deco design and includes the MGM film studio logo. They were made in the 1930s.

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