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Photographic Print

c.1970 This photographic print shows a structure in Brighton. The print was made by the Borough Surveyor's Department in about 1970. Notes accompanying the photograph describe this as the 'East Street Bastion'. It may have been a deck chair store.

Photographic Print

May 1938 This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyors Department in May 1938. It shows the demolition of old housing on the corner of Eastern Road. Note the two men on the first floor using sledgehammers on the walls.

Photographic Print

c 1908 This photographic print shows Black Rock, Brighton. It is a view east. The spray on the shore suggests that it may have been taken during stormy weather. The photograph was produced by the Borough Surveyor's department.

Photographic Print

c1970 This photographic print shows Brighton seafront, facing east. The Palace Pier is visible in the background. The photograph was produced by the Borough Surveyor's department. It may have been produced to record the condition of the pedestrian walkway, whic

Photographic Print

9 May 1969 Monochrome photographic print showing a memorial plaque to parishoners of a church who were killed during the First World War. Church may be Central Free Church in Clifton Road, Brighton.


17th Century This bowl stands on a narrow, short foot ring and has an angular, straight -sloping form. It is decorated overall with a slightly-mottled, jade-green glaze. The bowl may well be a ?chawan? or tea bowl.


Post May 1882 This jug is decorated with black transfers of corn flower like plants. On the base it has an Rd registration diamond showing that the pattern was registered for patent in May 1882.


1900 This tall porcelain pot is decorated in underglaze blue with fine graded flowers. The rim has an architectural style border and at the foot is another border of repeated sevens. The pot may have been used as an umbrella stand.

Photographic Print

A B&W photographic image of Pullman car Neptune at Preston Park works. The kitchen side and match boarding are clearly in view. Following withdrawal from service in May 1960, it became Eastern Region ?Camping Coach? CC.162.

Scarf Dancer

c1930 This stylised figure of a dancing nymph was designed by Joseph Lorenzl, a major producer of Art Deco figures. The dancer unwinds a scarf as she leaps and may be inspired by performers in cabaret and clubs in Paris and Berlin during the 1920s.

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