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Writing Slate

Early Twentieth Century This double-sided slate is broken in the middle. It has a wooden frame around the edge with small holes in two of the sides. It was made in the late 19th or early 20th century.


19th Century This doll is made of bisque. It is a male doll wearing a patterned tunic with a gold trim, cream trousers, a purple turban and brown leather shoes. It was made in the late 19th century.

Mechanical Animal Figure

c1900 This mechanical tortoise has olive brown markings on its shell. There is a keyhole in the top of the shell to wind up the clockwork mechanism. It was made in the late 19th and early 20th century of metal and painted tin plate.

Mechanical Animal Figure

c1900 This mechancial tortoise has a green, yellow and brown pattern on its shell. There is a wheel on each foot and, when pushed, the toy imitates a walking action. It is made of metal and lithographed tin plate and was made in the late 19th and early 20th cen

Ink Well

Late Nineteenth Century This inkwell has a globe design. It has a hinged lid that closes with a clasp to prevent spillage. It was used for travelling. It is made of metal and has a layer of printed paper covering it depicting a map of the world. The names of the countries are pr

Female Figure

Late 19th Century This is an 'Okimono' carving made of ivory. It depicts a standing woman holding an open parasol in her left hand and a flower in her right. Okimono carvings were designed as free-standing alcove ornaments and were very popular with European collectors in

Theatre Programme

1890-1910 This is a colour illustrated paper programme for a production of 'The "Telephone Girl" at the Theatre Royal, Brighton. The programme is cut out in the shape of a woman in late 19th century dress, holding a telephone receiver. The paper end of the receiver

Model of the Chain Pier

Late 19th Century This is a painted wooden model of the Chain Pier, Brighton's first pier. The detail on the model includes the entrance to the pier, the chain fittings, figures along the pier, a band at the end of the pier and rowing boats on the sea. The model was made b


c1881-1891 This lidded bone china vase is decorated with a deep blue ground and gilt. The dody has a panel either side with a landscape. The pedestal, which is attached by a bolt, and the lid have panels insects. Lion?s heads sit above the handles and the lid finial

Mechanical Animal Figure

Late 19th Century This mechanical pig is made out of pink kid leather over a metal frame which contains its clockwork mechanism. There is a pink ribbon tied in a bow around its neck. In each hoof it has a small toothed wheel. It is made of leather, metal and glass. It was

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