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Photographic Print

This photographic print shows the main courtroom of the County Court building in Church Street, Brighton. It is a view of the judge's bench, showing the crest and carved decoration it bears. The photograph was produced by the Borough Surveyor's department

Brighton Town Hall & Market

c1831 Colour print of Brighton Town Hall & Market. Town Hall to the left, a man and a dog stand outside beside one of the large columns, nearby a group of men, women and children are standing. In the street beyond is a building called 'Waterloo House' with seve

The Infirmary of Horsham Jail - John Holloway

John Holloway sits on a chair with a table and a bench in front of him. There is a hat on the table. He is seated next to his mother whilst Mr Nute stands nearby holds his hands up in front of him. Rev. Wetherby talks to Mr Dodswell both holding their hat

Holloway Passing the Hare and Hounds to the Copse in Lovers Walk

A depiction of John Hollaway passing the Hare and Hounds Public House with his wife's dismembered body in a trunk followed by Ann Kennett, who helped in trying to bury the remains of Holloway's wife in Lover's Walk. Kennett was tried as an accessory to th

The Scene at Which The Murder Took Place

The copse in lovers walk at Preston, in which the mangled body of Celia Holloway was found. Holloway's initials are carved on one of the trees. These prints are all related to the story of John William Holloway who murdered his wife Celia Holloway in a co

Holloway Passing The Hare and Hounds

A scene in which Holloway is seen pushing a wheelbarrow past The Hare and Hounds on his way to the scene of the murder, his victim is in the trunk on the wheelbarrow. These prints are all related to the story of John William Holloway who murdered his wife

The Coroners Inquest at The Crown and Anchor

This is a scene of a crowd standing outside The Crown and Anchor, Preston, whilst inside the building the coroners inquest is taking place. The witness Anne Kennett can be seen in one of the windows of the building. These prints are all related to the sto

Anne Kennett.

A portrait of Anne Kennett as she appeared at the trail of Holloway. She is seated with her hands on a table, she is wearing a shawl and wide brimmed bonnet. These prints are all related to the story of John Holloway who murdered his wife Celia Holloway i

Two men in police custody, Nicobar Islands

Late 19th Century This photograph shows a group of men at Car Nicobar in the Nicobar Islands, situated in the Bay of Bengal, South Asia. The photograph was taken by Edward Horace Man, who worked on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from 1869 until 1901, during the British co

The Harlot in the Bridewell Prison, beating hemp, 1732; A Harlot's Progress, Plate 4

This is a black and white paper engraving of the Harlot, Moll Hackabout, in Bridewell prison beating hemp for ships? ropes and hangman?s nooses. She is wearing a fine dress, and is working alongside other prisoners who include a male card-sharp (also know

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