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c1860 This moulded plate is made of hard paste or true porcelain. It has been decorated with gold.


c1870 This necklace was probably made in Germany around the time of unification. It is made of dark metal and has a heavy openwork pendant cross.

Model Vehicle

Late 20th Century This racing car is metallic blue. It has a BMW logos on the side. It is made of die-cast metal and plastic. It was made by Schuco in Germany in the late 20th century.


Postcard showing a view of Glasgow University. Printed caption reads 'Glasgow University.' The reverse side is blank.


Postcard showing a hop garden. There is no printed caption. The reverse side is blank.

Male Figure

Unrecorded This coloured biscuit porcelain figure is of a man in a long overcoat, wearing knee britches, box hat, and holding a pipe in his right hand. The figure is standing on abase labelled ?Grandpa,? and marked ?Made in Germany? in brown on the inside of the bas

Cup and Saucer

20th Century This cup and saucer is made of white porcelain. It is printed with brown farm animals and hand washed in pale blue, green, mauve, pink and light brown. It has a gold lining. It was made in Germany in the 20th century.

Mechanical Vehicle

Mid 20th Century This saloon car is pale blue with a metallic grill, windscreen surround and wheels. It has a black front bumper with a 'Schuco' sticker. The car has a clockwork mechanism. It is made of metal and rubber. It was made by Schuco in Germany in the mid 20th ce

Teddy Bear

1908 This bear is made of mohair plush and has wood-wool stuffing. It has black eyes and the pads on its hands and feet have been repaired with light brown cord. The bear is wearing a striped blue ribbon around its neck. It was made by Steiff in Germany in 190

Female Figure

c1920-1925 This figure of a pirouetting ballerina was made by the Rosenthal factory in Germany although the designer is unknown. The dancer was once thought to represent Anna Pavlova, the great Russian ballerina.

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