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18th Century This porcelain whistle is in the form of a reclining boy.


18th Century This carved jade pendant has three animals in relief on one side and relief lettering on the other.


c1800 This chess set has cream and black chess pieces. The pieces are delicately carved and made of bone, ivory and wood. It was made in China.


18th Century This porcelain oriental vessel is decorated in underglaze pale green, with stylised oriental trailing foliage. It is marked in underglaze blue with six characters on the base.


18th Century This slender bulbous vase has a long narrow neck and is glazed overall in a slightly pitted bright yellow glaze.


1736-1795 This porcelain vase has been applied with a thick copper glaze and then fired at a high teperature to produce a streaked blue and purple effect. This flambe ware was perfected


Late 17th Century This large circular dish is decorated in an underglaze blue with white floral detailing. To the centre of the dish are three large flower heads.


17th Century This dish is decorated in underglaze blue with stylised motifs bordered by concentric circles. It has a circular, slightly tapering foot ring.


17th Century This small cylindrical mug has a simple loop handle. It has underglaze blue floral and banded decoration.


18th Century This chinese porcelain bowl is decorated in underglaze blue with images of landscapes including one with an obelisk on a hill. The inside rim has a hexagonal scale border.

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