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This is a flint flake. It has a hinge break at one end and a notch removed from one edge which may be the result of plough damage. It dates from the Neolithic and was found at Selham, West Sussex.


This is a flint flake which has been roughly reworked and may have been used as a flaking tool. It was made in the Neolithic or Bronze Age and was found near Devil's Dyke Railway Station, Brighton & Hove.

Flint Axes or Roughouts

This ia a flint axe, bifacially worked and may be a roughout for a polished axe. It was made in the Neolithic and was found at Cissbury, West Sussex.

A Column Encircled by Dragons: Design for a Carpet

This is a watercolour painting depicting a column encircled by dragons. It was created by Frederick Crace and may have been a design for a carpet.


1915 This card is notifying of the death of William Arthur who was killed in action on 1 May 1915, aged 22 years old.


B/W Image of Mrs W Ford stood outside of 'Thatched Cottage', Beddingham. Dated 20 May 1929.

Flint Object

Leaf shaped flint arrowhead retouched along left edge and around the base. Ditch 2 Cut 2 Spit 2.

Photographic Print

Late 1930s This photographic print shows Circus Street School, Brighton. It is a view of the outside of the school. A graffiti slogan painted on the wall reads, 'Fascism Means Hungry Children'. This photograph was probably produced by the Borough Surveyor and Engine

Photographic Print

1890s This photographic print shows Brighton Aquarium. It is a view east toward the front entrance. The surrounding road seems remarkably empty suggesting it may have been taken in the early morning. This print is one of several featured in an album of unknown

Photographic Print

1950s This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyor's department. It shows the interior of the kitchens in Brighton General Hospital. Brighton General Hospital began as the Brighton Workhouse and Infirmary in 1865-7, and became Brighton Municipal Hos

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