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Helix Nemoralis (Grove snail). Ditch 1 Cut 2 Spit 2.

Flint Object

Firecracked flint nodule. Ditch 2 Cut 4 Spit 2.


June 1926 This delegates badge was worn by Henry D Roberts at the 1926 Electrical Contractors Association Incorporated conference. The General Strike took place in May 1926 so the convention had plenty to talk about.

Digital Image

1908 Digital image of newspaper photograph of the Hilton sisters, conjoined twins named Daisy and Violet. Image published in Brighton Herald, May 16 1908. Shows twins at 3 months old, and claimed to be the first published image of the sisters.

Photographic Print

c1958 This is a photographic print of a house in an unidentified area of Brighton. The building is in a fairly dilapidated state, and may be derelict. This photograph was commissioned by the Environmental Health department of Brighton Borough Council. It formed

Photographic Print

1930s This photographic print shows several rows of boys from Brighton Boys' Brigade. The group is gathered outside a railway station, possibly on their way to camp. The boys heads are bowed and their hats have been removed. This suggests that they may have bee

Photographic Print

c1910 This photographic print shows a tool shed at Brighton Railway Station. It is a view from an elevated position looking across the room. There are no people in the room, which suggests that it may have been taken outside of normal working hours.

Photographic Print

This is a photographic print of soldiers from the 1st Sussex Royal Garrison Artillery Volunteers. This was a military unit based in Brighton which was made up of part-time soldiers. Many of the men are wearing medals, which suggests that they may have had

Photographic Print

c.1970 This photographic print shows a structure in Brighton. The print was made by the Borough Surveyor's Department in about 1970. Notes accompanying the photograph describe this as the 'East Street Bastion'. It may have been a deck chair store.

Photographic Print

May 1938 This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyors Department in May 1938. It shows the demolition of old housing on the corner of Eastern Road. Note the two men on the first floor using sledgehammers on the walls.

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