Funeral of Mr Thomas Loates, Brighton, Oct 3rd 1910

This postcard shows the funeral of Thomas Loates in Brighton. A large crowd of mourners watches the procession of the coffin towards the grave. The photograph was probably taken at the Extra-Mural cemetery. More commonly known as 'Tom', Loates was a famous jockey of the late 1800s. Born in Derby in 1867, Loates began his racing career at the age of 15. He began to win races from his second season, and became one of the most successful jockeys of his day. He rode two Derby winners: Donovan in 1889, and Isinglass in 1895. Loates also rode Isinglass to victory at the Two Thousand Guneas and the St. Leger. Loates seems to have retired around 1900. Although he left racing he seems to have spent his retirement years in towns associated with race courses. After some time living in Newmarket, Loates moved to Brighton in 1908. At the time of his death he lived in 'Seamount' at 139 Preston Road. Although he only resided in Brighton for two years, Tom Loates seems to have been regarded with a great deal of local affection. His funeral on 3 October 1910 attracted hundreds of mourners. This postcard is one of several recording the occasion.

Funeral of Mr Thomas Loates, Brighton, Oct 3rd 1910

Reference number: HA920465

Date: 3 October 1910

Collection: Local History and Archaeology