We have been experimenting with various ways of digitising and presenting some of our collections in 3D.

Much of this work has been supported by the University of Brighton’s Cultural Informatics Group, and several dedicated volunteers.

You can read more about our work in 3D on our blog.


Our BrightonMuseums channel on Sketchfab contains several models of objects, mainly from our archaeology collections.

The model below was created from a cast of a 25,000 year old female figurine.

Coins, Medals and Badges

Ancient Greek coin depicting the head of the goddess Hera, c360BC
Ancient Greek coin depicting the head of the goddess Hera, c360BC

We have worked with the University of Brighton to develop a new website that enables users to see objects from our numismatics collections in a new light.

The Coins, Medals and Badges website allows users to examine the details of these artefacts by using a mouse or their finger to change the light source. The video below gives a quick demonstration of the process.

Royal Pavilion in 3D

We have worked with 3D modeller Colin Jones to produce a series of models of the Royal Pavilion Estate in 3D.

The model of the Royal Pavilion below is featured on our Sketchfab channel, but you can view various other models on the 3D History of the Royal Pavilion page.



3D Hop

Image of 3D model of Piltdown Man skullOur first attempt to post 3D models of our collections online was using the open source 3D Hop viewer.