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This is a paper guide booklet for 'Cowley, Fancy Bread and Biscuit Maker, 9 Pool Valley, Brighton'. The booklet advertises the variety of different breads and biscuits made by Cowley's and was printed by Cannon & Co.

Battle Together for Britain

c1940 This is a paper booklet, entitled 'Battle Together for Britain' which dates to c1940. The booklet contains red and blue printed text and illustrations and explains how every person could play a part in Britain's war effort and the reasons for it, which is


1870-1900 This is a paper programme listing the daily timetable of events occurring at Brighton Aquarium, commencing from Boxing Day. The programme dates from the late 1800's.

The Alert

This is a wooden model of Brighton fishing boat, 'The Alert'. The number of the boat is SM163. The boat has a taller mast at the bow end of the boat and a shorter mast with the sail open, at the stern end. The model of the boat also includes an anchor and


Photographic print showing a war plane crashed in a cemetery.

Leeson & Vokins' Special Sale of Gloves & Hoisery

c1905 This is a white paper leaflet advertising in black printed text and illustrations, the special sale of gloves and hosiery at Leeson and Vokins', in North Street, Brighton. The leaflet lists the gloves and hosiery available in the sale and the prices of th

Leeson & Vokins, Gowns, Costumes and Skirts

1907 This is a white paper leaflet with black printed text and illustrations advertising 'Leeson & Vokins Gowns Costumes and Skirts'. Leeson and Vokins was a large department store in North Street, Brighton. There are five illustrations on the leaflet, three o


1857-1861 This is a paper leaflet advertising, in black printed text 'Edwin Botting, (Late W. Willey,), Tea, Grocery and Provision Warehouse', located at 40 St. James's Street in Brighton. The leaflet was made between 1857 and 1861. The 'Late W. Willey' refers to W


1960s-1970s This is a paper bag from the 'John Beal & Son' stationers shop of East Street, Brighton. Printed on the bag is a maroon and white striped design, with the shop details in a solid maroon printed text on the front of the bag. The paper bag dates to the 1960


1960s-1970s This is a paper bag from 'Walter Gillett Ltd.', a stationery shop in Brighton. Printed on the bag is a white and grey checked pattern, with the shop details in blue printed text on the front of the bag. The bag dates to between the 1960s and 1970s.

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