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Male Portrait

Head and shoulders portrait of a serious looking man, he wears a dark coat and a white scarf. On his hand he wears a ring with a large stone, his fingers rest on a book.


The 'Brightonian' Cartoon No. 89. Gentleman seated at centre, a pair of scissors in right hand, table at right covered with models of churches, various buildings labelled, Haywards Heath and Eastbourne positioned on the table. Cuttings scattered at the ma

Presbyterian - Queens Road

The 'Brightonian' Cartoon No.60. Cleric at centre, arms outstretched, table behind, to which posters advertising lectures are displayed, town mission pamphlets on table at right.

Hobby Riders

Various local dignitaries riding hobby horses with names; at the centre is a man juggling batons that are called 'Tramways', 'Central Pier', 'Shoreham Harbour', 'Radicalism', 'Transvaal' and 'Electric Light'. This print has been mounted.

Scotch Church

The 'Brightonian' Cartoon No.46. Gentleman standing at centre, umbrella under right arm, gloves tucked into coat, wearing a top hat and sporting heavy mutton crop wiskers, promenade railings in the distance at centre.

"Brighton Examiner" Cartoon Some Local Legislators.

In the centre a group of men standing together, one in mayoral robes. Eight other cartoons surrounding. Many well known people of Brighton.

The Fish Woman

This print shows a woman with a plate of shrimps and a basket of fish. She is wearing a blue coat with a green, white and red skirt. Behind her are two fisherman leaning against some railings, to the right is a figure with a parasol.

Lewis E Cohen

c1862 Portrait of a man in round spectacles wearing a dark jacket, white shirt with a large jewelled neckpin. Writing on a label with the print; 'L.E.Cohen, Founder ,many years Proprietor of The Brighton Guardian'

Brighton Fisherman

Figure standing on the beach wearing traditional fisherman's costume, holding a large cod in one hand and a basket over his shoulder, small boat in full sail in the distance.

Boy with Monkey

Boy holding a monkey under his jacket, he has a stick in one hand and he is touching his cap with his other hand, the monkey has a hat with a feather in it.

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