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Band playing in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, with a man and two women to the left, the man has a top hat and moustache and has a paper under his arm and the woman has her hands in a muff.


Male sitting on a stool and gazing to the left wearing a top hat, jacket and trousers sitting on a stool selling oddments from a wooden tray which hangs from railings. Two walking canes stand against the wall next to him.

Bond & Free

Man playing an accordian walks along seafront, two dogs by his side, one holding begging cup, the other a pug with a blanket coat on. In the background three donkey's tied to the railings, and sail of the Skylark in view.


Small print of man holding box trying to persuade a woman to buy from him. She is wearing a bonnet and cape and can be seen from the back.. Both stand outside of shop front.

The Brighton Sailor

Print of sailor selling posies out of basket to a smart woman in Victorian dress with a muff. Other people behind her outside the Grand Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton.

Henry Harrap

Man with side parting and hair combed over to the left, he is wearing a white collar and shirt with a cravat. He also wears a waistcoat and dark coat. Harrap was a surgeon and died in 1861.

Reverend John Grace Minister of West Street Chapel

c1847 Half length portrait of man with dark hair and sideburns facing right wearing white cravat and dark waistcoat and coat.

Reverend R. Vaughan Pryce, M. A. L. L. B

Reverend R Vaughan Pryce seated in dark suit, arms folded infront of him holding spectacles.

John Lawrence

Portrait of a man with dark hair and sideburns, he is wearing a white shirt with black tie, dark waistcoat and coat. It is possible he was an artist by the folder of work on the chair.

The Marquis of Bristol

Man with grey hair wearing a jacket and shirt with high collars and a cravat. The Marquess was well known in Brighton and owned 19-20 Sussex Square. There is a Public House on the seafront in Kemp Town named after him.

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