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Postcard showing Public Library, Museum & Fine Art Galleries Church Street Brighton

Photographic Print

1930-1950 Monochrome print of the interior of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery 1930-1950. Fine art gallery with several framed works on display.


1907 Postcard showing Public Library, Museum,& Fine Art Galleries Church Street Brighton

Lib. Public Library Museum and Fine Art Galleries. Brighton. View in the North Corridor. Ground Floo...

c1910 Monochrome photographic postcard showing decorative art display in north corridor of ground floor of Brighton Museum.

Public Library, Museum & Fine Art Galleries, Church Street, Brighton.

c1900 Monochrome photographic postcard of the outside view from Church Street, of the Library, Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton.

Museum and Fine Art Cuttings Book 1918 - 1930

1918 - 1930 We have a large collection of Brighton newspaper cuttings which are divided into subject headings making searching a particular topic less time consuming than having to look through the unindexed newspapers.


Gallinas black coloured palm fibre scarf. Fine black twisted thread in openwork netted diamond pattern with a long fringe. Donated to Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in 1904.

It Isn't Fine Feathers that Make Fine Birds

It Isn't Fine Feathers that Make Fine Birds. Vinegar Valentine's card, 19th century. Shows a pompous looking man wearing a monocle and yellow gloves.

Permanent Art Gallery Brighton

This magic lantern slide shows an art display in Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. When the museum was redeveloped in 2002 this room was used to display the 20th Century Decorative Art & Design collection.


1937 This medal was designed by Pierre Turin to commemmorate the 1937 Paris International Exhibition of Art & Technology. It shows two figures representing Art and Technology.

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