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Rev.William Gresley

Portrait of a man wearing a clerical collar and robes.

Sketching from Nature

Woman facing sea with man sitting next to her and King Charles spaniel sitting in foreground gazing at viewer. Bathing huts on the beach can be seen.

The Impudent Wave

This print shows a young woman in the sea being buffeted by a wave. She stands a short distance from beach where bathing machines can be seen and the buildings of Brighton front.

Rev. F W Robertson

1849 Portrait of man standing at Pulpit wearing clerical vestments. Bible on cushion infront. Rev Frederick Robertson was Minister at Trinity Chapel, Brighton (1816-1853)

Reverend Thomas Cooke

Half length portrait of seated man looking right wearing clerical garb. From 1827 to 1870 Thomas Cooke was H M Wagner's closest associate of the Parish of St Peter's church and read the office at Wagner's funeral. On Thomas Cooke's retirement in 1827 he w

Rev. Edmund Clay

Head and shoulders portrait of a young man with black hair, he is wearing a white shirt, tie, waistcoat and coat. Revd. Edmund Clay incumbent of St Margarets' Brighton, an 'emphatically' pious man, he instituted such Christian organisations as the 'Invali

The Favourable Breeze

A study of a young woman looking out to sea with her skirts blowing in the breeze watched by two soldiers. Published 23 June 1848 by W H Mason, Repository of Arts, 80 Kings Road Brighton

The Beach Hotel

Man and woman sitting on a wooden groyne. The woman has her back to the viewer and is holding a parasol and wearing a fur stole and a bonnet with a feather in it. The man is holding a glass in his right hand and a bottle in his other in a basket; he is we

Don't be Frightened Dear!, it's Only a Little Swell from the Pier

This print shows two young women standing in sea clutching each other, in front of the Chain Pier. Underneath reads: ' Don't be frightened dear! it's only a little swell from the pier. '

Reverend J.M. Anderson

Portrait of a man wearing a black clerical robe and tie, he holds a piece of paper in his hand. He was the Rev. James Stuart Murray Anderson perpetual curate of St George's Church, Kemp Town in 1828 until 1851. He was the first chaplain of the Sussex Coun

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