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Writing Desk

c1900 In 1879 Majorelle, who had trained as a painter, inherited his father's cabinetmaking business, specialising in reproduction furniture. He began making modern furniture in the late 1880s, possibly influenced by Galle. The flowing lines of this desk, circa


1880s This doll?s head is made of bisque and its body is made of composition. It is a female doll with blue glass sleeping eyes and blonde human hair. It has painted eyelashes, eyebrows and lips. It is wearing a brown patterned dress with a light blue ribbon ro


1890-1900 This chair, one of pair in the museums' collection, was designed by Carlo Bugatti between 1890 and 1900. It is made from mahogany, inlaid with pewter and ivory and applied with beaten copper. It has a leather seat and back-rest, secured with vellum strips

Photographic Print

17 January 1887 This photographic print shows a bearded man wrapped in a shroud with his right arm raised. The photographic print is mounted on card in the {g:cabinet photograph}cabinet format{/g}. The monogram 'V' is visible on the front of the card. The reverse bears a