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Crocodile Scutes

HA281457 Two crocodile scutes, one larger than the other.


23rd to 25th dynasty HA281396 Multiple udjat eye amulet in green faience with markings in black. Pierced lengthwise for suspension.

Coffin Lid

IndexPeriod1: Third Intermediate Period This is an Ancient Egyptian male mummy of unknown date. The inscription on the coffin lid records (Kafr Anmar) Mestha Hapi,Tuamutef and Dubsennuf who were four canopic or funerary deities whose aid is involved to procure sepulchural meals or offerings for


This palette is made of mudstone. It tapers slightly to a blunt point, now broken.


HA281323 Pale turquoise coloured faience red crown amulet. Perforated at the top for suspension.


HA281130 Small string of turquoise coloured faience disk beads, strung on modern thread.


This is a carved monkey amulet. It is made out of amethyst.

Tatters of Egyptian Mummy

Egyptian mummy tatters.

Mummy Mask

This is a mummy mask. It is painted blue and pink.

Mummified Cat

Wrapped mummified cat with face drawn on mummy.

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