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HA281130 Small string of turquoise coloured faience disk beads, strung on modern thread.


HA281173.5 Flattened, oval bone bead with small perforation at one end. Modern label with the main group of beads reads 'found at Abydos. Purchased from the Committee of the Egypt Exploration Fund, Sept., 1910'.

Pottery or Faience Bowl

This is a turquoise coloured faience bowl fragment decorated with fish and lotus flowers.


HA281173.6 Flattened, roughly rounded bead in dark brown resin. Perforated transversely for suspension. In group with other objects with the number 281173 but no parallels with the other beads in that group. Modern label with the main group of beads reads


This female figurine is made of clay. It has flared, conical sections of hair on either side its face. The left arm and feet are missing. It has another vertical section of hair applied from a separate piece of clay at the back.


HA281173.2 Fourteen rectangular spacer bone beads each with five perforations through the width. Five broken at one end. Also five blue/black glass sub-spherical beads and a similarly sized yellow glass bead. Two small pieces of ancient string present. Th


HA281229 Collection of beads. Group includes four turquoise coloured faience disk beads; one dark blue coloured faience or glass sub-spherical bead; two carnelian disk beads; two blue coloured faience triple segmented beads; two large flat disk beads, one


HA281173.3 Assorted beads. Most are sub-spherical blue/black glass beads with some similar disk beads; also a conglomeration of these with a similar yellow glass bead. Group includes a striped white/brown agate pebble pierced at one end for suspension; a


This palette is made of mudstone. It tapers slightly to a blunt point, now broken.

Crocodile Scutes

HA281457 Two crocodile scutes, one larger than the other.

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