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HA281221.3 Light turquoise coloured faience biconical bead, with convex upper surface and flat back. Possibly intended as a leaf shape. Integral hole for suspension at one end. Much of surface has traces of a plaster-like substance.


HA281219.2 String of faience cylinder beads in shades of turquoise and green. Lengths and diameters vary. Strung as four strands. Modern label attached which is marked ZC and also R1920/75


HA281200.8 Two faience cylinder beads. The larger is in mottled white/pale turquoise coloured faience; the smaller is in black coloured faience.


HA281200.7 Three faience ring beads. One larger than the other two and of a dark blue-green colour. The smaller two also vary slightly in size and are different shades of a paler turquoise colour.


HA281200.18 Three pea-like seeds. Seen by Deidre Mulley as part of her Collection Care Review March 2013.


HA281200.13 Three faded blue coloured and six faded turquoise coloured faience disk beads. Small raised area around central hole on one side.


HA281200.12 White coloured faience spacer bead with two parallel transverse perforations for suspension. Uneven oval shape.


HA281179.4 String of faience cylinder and randomly positioned double spacer beads in shades of turquoise, green and dark blue. Lengths and diameters vary slightly; many beads broken at the ends. Modern label attached with old number R652

Amulets (2)

HA281167 Two pale turquoise coloured faience cylinder beads separated by a sub-spherical black bead and with a pale turquoise coloured faience impressed udjat eye amulet at one end.


HA281166 String of disk beads and shells. Beads are probably mostly shell but one pale turquoise one is present. Thicknesses of disk beads vary. Shells separated by approximately seven disk beads.

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