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HA281602 Bronze amulet. Triangular upper section with three horizontal impressed lines, joining a drop shaped lower section. Loop for suspension attached at the top.

Pottery or Faience Jar Sherd

HA281543 Turquoise coloured faience fragment, probably a body sherd from a closed form vessel, but with textile impression on the interior surface. Fragment is decorated with a band of dark blue triangles.


HA281507 Rounded rhomboidal anorthosite diorite palette with traces of ground green malachite embedded on one side on and near the centre. One large and one small chip around the edge.


HA281394.6 Ivory bracelet. Simple round band, probably for a baby or young child. Two parallel grooves around outer circumference.


HA281234.2 Round disk-like object, flat on one side and convex on the other, in light blue glass, discoloured to a darker colour on the convex surface. Possibly some type of inlay, perhaps for jewellery.


HA281231.2 Dark turquoise coloured faience amulet in the form of a crescent shaped object with uneven edges. Possibly a miniature winged scarab. Now in two pieces. Pierced transversely for suspension. No labels.


HA281231.1 Dark turquoise coloured glazed steatite? amulet in the form of a jackal, Anubis, seated above a box with vertical striations. Loop for suspension attached at back. Coloured faience or possibly glazed steatetite


HA281225.4 Faience cornflower pendant. Dark blue coloured flared end; remainder a lighter turquoise colour. Two loops for suspension; one at the top of the amulet, the other behind the flared base.


HA281225.2 Dark turquoise blue coloured faience amulet. Form uncertain, possibly some type of floral design. Broken loop for suspension at the top of the amulet.


HA281222.2 Faience cornflower bead. Splayed end in dark blue, remainder of the head in green. Flat back. Remains of one loop for suspension in back of blue area; opposite end broken.

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