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Museum and Fine Art Cuttings Book 1918 - 1930

1918 - 1930 We have a large collection of Brighton newspaper cuttings which are divided into subject headings making searching a particular topic less time consuming than having to look through the unindexed newspapers.

Mummy Case

Mummy Case wrapped in bubble. Label reads: Mummy case, N/N needs fumigation keep sealed. From postcard BH421459, this would appear to be the wooden coffin for mummy WA505870.


HA281892 Turquoise coloured faience wadjet eye amulet with fine impressed decoration on both sides. Most of the surfaces have brown discolouration. Pierced transversely for suspension.


HA281888 Very pale green faience wadjet eye amulet, impressed only on one side, pierced transversely for suspension. Traces of cream coloured paint around the edges of the underside.


Not Located - HA281886 Blue-green coloured faience wadjet eye amulet with raised decoration on both sides. The brow and pupil are painted black. Pierced transversely for suspension.

Pottery Bowl

HA281789 Model dish in unslipped Nile silt clay, probably Nile B2. Wheel-turned, flat base. Flared sides and round, direct rim. Uneven stance. Two small chips on rim.


HA281634 Pale turquoise coloured faience amulet of Isis suckling Horus. Figure is sitting on a throne on a rectangular plinth; back pillar present. Pierced for suspension behind the shoulders.


HA281632 Dark turquoise coloured faience amulet of the god Shu. Figure is kneeling on a rectangular plinth and supported by a back pillar. Hole for suspension at back of head.


HA281631 Dark blue-green coloured faience amulet in the shape of a Hathor head. Attached striated loop for suspension at the top of the head. Some damage to the bottom edge. Undecorated on the obverse.


HA281605 Lapis lazuli amulet of the goddess, Isis. She is striding on a rectangular plinth and has a back pillar which is pierced transversely behind the upper arm area.

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